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Abrator Parts

Whatever abrator parts including bare wheel assembly, impeller, blast wheel blades, control cage, feed spout, wheel housing liners, etc., we can offer the tailor-made replacement parts to your individual specifications.

Abrator Parts

As one of the essential blast wheel components, the bare wheel assembly has direct impact on shot blasting speed. If the rotating speed of the bare wheel is slow, the grits can not obtain enough power and fail to be cast far, thus resulting in negative influence on cleaning effect.

A total of 8 blast wheel blades are mounted on the wheel assembly. An impeller that rotates synchronously with the critical shot blast parts carries the shot to an opening in the control cage, from where it is discharged on to the bladed wheel.

The impeller is one of the indispensable abrator parts. It rotates synchronously with the wheel blades and carries the steel shots to the blades without vibration. Due to that, abrasion to the wheel blades can be reduced.

In the blast wheel assembly, the control cage is mounted around the impeller. Shots are discharged from the opening of the impeller case and threw on to the high speed rotating blades. The shot blast replacement parts exert an important role in metal surface treatment applications.

We can make feed spouts for a selection of SINTO, DISA, PANBORN, WHEELABRATOR and OMSG shot blasting machines based on customer's requirements.

As essential shotblast spares responsible for abrasion resisting purposes, the wheel housing liners are cast from heat-treated high-chrome alloy steels for extended wear life. They are mainly designed to protect the wheel housing inner walls from being damaged by extreme abrasive wear caused by shot action.

Now, we can manufacture blast wheel replacement parts for various brands of shot blasting machines such as SINTO, DISA, PANBORN, WHEELABRATOR and OMSG.

Abrator Parts Brands

At Casting parts, we can make blast wheel components according to your samples or drawings within the minimum production cycle. So far, we have made various shotblasting spare parts for numerous wheel blasting machine manufacturers across the globe.

Abrator Parts Samples for Saudi Arabian Customer

  • Blast Wheel Housing
  • Blast Wheel Housing
  • Blast Wheel Housings
  • Blast Wheel Housing Liners