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Asphalt Mixer Liner Plates

Name: Liner Plate
Suitable For: Asphalt plant, asphalt mixers of various brands
Materials: Ni-hard or high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel, modified high manganese steel, alloy steel, bimetal composite material, high chromium material, ultra high chromium cast iron, multi-component alloy steel
Applications: The twinshaft mixer wear plates are perfect replacement parts for various brands of asphalt plants in cement, chemical, power, metallurgy and other industries. They are used to protect the mixer drums.
Customizable or not: Yes
Technology: Mould casting
Usage time: About 200,000 CBM cements or asphalt
Part model: Based on customer's needs
Order quantity: Based on customer's needs
Packaging details: Composite material box
Delivery cycle: 35 days

Asphalt Mixer Liner Plate Structure

Liner plates are indispensable wear parts of asphalt or concrete mixers, designed to protect the mixer drums. As a professional mixer wear parts manufacturer, we take pride in manufacturing mixer drum liners for various brands of mixing plants to customers' specifications, Including AMMANN, MARINI, SPECO, PARKER, LINTECH, LINHOFF, ASTEC, BENNIGHOVEN, SANY, ZOOMLION, NFLG, CA-LONG, TTM, XCMG, HUATONG, DG, ROADY, XRMC, XUETAO, XITONG, and more.

Samples Show
  • Liner plates for SPECO LB1000 asphalt mixer

  • Liner plates for SPECO TSAP-2000, TSAP-3000 and TSAP-4000 asphalt mixers
  • Liner plates for SPECO TSAP-800, TSAP-1000 and TSAP-1300 asphalt mixers
  • Liner plates for SANY LB2000E, LB3000, LB4000 and 320 asphalt plants
  • Mixer liner for XCMG LQC320A TSAP-1000 and TSAP-1300 asphalt plant
  • Liner plates for AMMANN LB and AMMANN3000 asphalt plants
  • Liner plates for the mixer in SIM3000 asphalt plant
  • Mixer liner plates for nikko160, 240, 320 and NBD320 asphalt plants
  • Mixer liner plates for nikko160, 240, 320 and NBD320 asphalt plants
  • Mixer liner plates for LINTEC320 asphalt plant

  • Mixing blade for MARINI320 asphalt mixer; Liner plate for MARINI3000 asphalt mixer
  • Liner plate for BENNIGHOVEN asphalt mixer

Mixing blade for AMMANN LB4000 asphalt
Liner Plate Moulds
Hardness 52-62HRC
Life more than 200000 cubic meter concrete or 300000 tons asphalt
Materials high chromium cast iron/steel
Standards CN:KM TB Cr 15-25-GTUS:ASTM A532 Class Two Type D
Extension strength 380 N/mm2
Elongation at break 1%
Shock impact (resistance) value >5 ak N.M/CM2
Flexural strength >600 ak N.M/CM2
Certifications ISO9001:2008,ce
Metallographic organization M+M7C3+M23C6
Process Lost Foam Casting

Chemical Compositions

Name Chemical Compositions % Hardness
C P S Si Mn Cr Ni Mo Cu
Special high chrome steel 2.8~3.1 <0.06 <0.06 0.8 0.8 22 <1 <1 <0.5 62
High chrome steel 2.8~3.1 <0.06 <0.06 0.8 0.8 15 <0.5 52
Low chrome steel 2.8~3.1 <0.06 <0.06 0.8 0.8 3 48
High manganese steel 1.2 <0.06 <0.06 16 45
Alloy steel casting 1.2 <0.06 <0.06 2 1 45
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