Aluminum Shot

Name: Aluminum Shot
Applicable machine: Shot blasting machine
Materials: Aluminum wires processed using cutting, grinding and other processes
Customizable or not: Yes
Part model: Based on customers needs
Order quantity: Based on customers needs

Aluminum shots are suitable for most shot blasting applications that require lightweight and softer blast media. With bright appearance and cylindrical shape, the shot blasting spares are used for surface treatment of aluminum, zinc or thin walled workpieces.

Our aluminum shots are ideal for blasting on delicate surfaces, metal finishing, de-burring, paint stripping, cleaning, surface preparation, scale removal and wheel blasting

Main chemical compositions: AI≈99.7%, Si<0.2%, Cn<0.04%, Zn<0.04%
Specific weight: 2.7g/cm3
Hardness: 65-125Hv
Size: φ0.6mm-φ2.0mm, other sizes customizable

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