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Asphalt Mixer Mixing Blade

Name: Mixing Blade
Materials: Ni-hard, High chrome and nodular casting iron
Applicable mixers: Twin shaft mixer, Pan mixer, Planetary Mixer, Vertical mixer, Concrete mixer, Asphalt mixer, etc. of various brands
Customization: Casting parts can customize mixing blades for asphalt mixers of various brands; the asphalt mixer wear parts can be made according to supplied drawings.
Advantage: The asphalt plant spares boast excellent resistance to abrasion.
Technology: Mould casting
Service life: Enough time for about 200,000 CBM asphalt
Packaging details: Composite material box

Mixing Blade Structure

Casting parts is able to manufacture and supply quality replacement mixing blades to suit asphalt plants in a variety of brands such as AMMANN, MARINI, SPECO, PARKER, LINTECH, LINHOFF, ASTEC, BENNIGHOVEN, SANY, ZOOMLION, NFLG, CA-LONG, TTM, XCMG, HUATONG, DG, ROADY, XRMC, XUETAO, XITONG, etc.

Samples Show
  • Mixing blade for ACP3000/4000 asphalt mixer

  • Mixing blades for SPECO TSAP-2000, TSAP-3000 and TSAP-4000 asphalt mixers
  • Mixer blades for SANY SLB2000TH asphalt plant

  • Mixer tips for DG4000 asphalt plant
  • Mixing blade liner plate for AMMANN3000 asphalt plant
  • Mixing blade liner plate for DG3000 asphalt plant
  • Mixing blades for Nikko160, 240, 320 and NBD320 asphalt mixers
  • Mixing blades for MARINI 320 and MARINI 4000 asphalt mixers
  • LB3000 Mixing blades for LINTEC32 asphalt plant
Technical Parameters
Hardness 52-62HRC
Life More than 200,000 cubic meter concrete or 300,000 tons asphalt
Materials High chromium cast iron/steel
Standards CN:KM TB Cr 15-25-GTUS:ASTM A532 Class Two Type D
Extension strength 380 N/mm2
Elongation at break 1%
Shock impact (resistance) value >5 ak N.M/CM2
Flexural strength >600 ak N.M/CM2
Certifications ISO9001:2008, CE
Metallographic organization M+M7C3+M23C6
Process Lost foam casting

Chemical Compositions

Name Chemical Compositions % Hardness
C P S Si Mn Cr Ni Mo Cu
Special high chrome steel 2.8~3.1 <0.06 <0.06 0.8 0.8 22 <1 <1 <0.5 62
High chrome steel 2.8~3.1 <0.06 <0.06 0.8 0.8 15 <0.5 52
Low chrome steel 2.8~3.1 <0.06 <0.06 0.8 0.8 3 48
High manganese steel 1.2 <0.06 <0.06 16 45
Alloy steel casting 1.2 <0.06 <0.06 2 1 45
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