Screed Plates

  • Asphalt Paver Screed Plates
  • Asphalt Paver Screed Plates

Applicable machines: Asphalt pavers of Volvo (ABG),Vogele, Dynapac, Demag, Sany, Zoomlion and other brands
Materials: Wear-resistant Hardox, Dillidur steel plates
Function: Make sure the paving smoothness

Product Description
The screed plates from Casting parts are manufactured from high quality and wear-resistant Hardox and Dillidur steels for extra long wear life. This steel is harder than conventional screed plate material, and provides maximum wear resistance in all high abrasion paving applications. The asphalt paver wear parts are available for direct replacement of the original parts in your asphalt pavers.

Casting parts Screed Plates Features
1. Hardox 400 steel plate;
2. Dillidur steel plate;
3. High wear-resistance;
4. Easy fix and repair

Samples Show
  • Vogele asphalt paver screed plates
  • Vogele asphalt paver screed plates
We can customize screed plates of various brands and sizes according to your samples
ABG 8820 S-1400 F141 DF 110 DTU 95 DTUH90S WTU75
ABG 7820 S-1500 F18 DF 130 DTU 95C DTU90 RP75
ABG 6620 S-1600 F 181 DF 135CS LTU 90 LTU90 WTU95
ABG 223 S-1700 F161 DF 140CS LTU 120 LTU120 RP95
ABG 225 S-1800 F 182 DF 141CS SMP 95 WYU125
ABG 323 S 1900 F30CE DF 145CS LTU125
ABG 325 S-2000
ABG 326 S-2100
ABG 411 S-2500
ABG 423
ABG 511
ABG 525
ABG 273
ABG 173
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Pallet(1200mm×800mm×600mm)
Delivery Detail: Within 15 days
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